REVEALED: The Premier League table following Everton’s 10-point deduction for…….

REVEALED: How the Premier League table looks now after Everton are deducted 10 points for breaking financial rules

The Premier League table looks drastically different after Everton were slapped with a 10-point deduction for breaching Premier League profit and sustainability rules.

Based on their results this season, Sean Dyche‘s Toffees were 14th, with four wins, two draws and six defeats from their opening 12 matches.

But the deduction, the most severe in Premier League history, has now sent Everton tumbling to 19th in the table.

Everton, who will appeal the verdict in the strongest possible way, now see themselves second bottom, only ahead of Burnley on goal difference.

The Merseysiders fall to four points from their first 12 games, undoing a lot of the hardwork from their promising start.

Everton are now in the relegation battle as they are now second bottom on goal difference

The club was referred to an independent commission in March for alleged breaches which related to the 2021-22 season and a hearing took place last month.

The Premier League pushed for a sizable points deduction to set a precedent after the club were charged with breaching financial rules back in 2021-22.

#The Toffees posted staggering financial losses of almost £372million over a three-year period.

That is more than £250m above what the Premier League’s guidelines permits clubs to lose over a three-year rolling time frame.

The technical alleged breaches related to accounting treatments, with the League arguing Everton breached profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

Everton strongly deny they did not breach PSR and their financial losses were due to the building of a new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock and whether the interest payments on that development were permissible.

Nonetheless, Everton’s season has now been thrown into chaos with a relegation battle back on the agenda.

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