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Everton’s 10-point deduction is an ‘absolute disgrace’.

That’s according to Daily Mail journalist Dominic King, who was left gobsmacked by such a significant deduction for the Toffees.

Everton was “shocked” and “disappointed” to learn today that the team would be immediately docked ten points for violating the financial fair play regulations.

Everton admitted to breaking the profit and sustainability regulations, which stipulated that Premier League teams could only lose £105 million during that time, when it was revealed in October that the club had recorded losses of £124.5 million over a three-year period.

Everton dropped straight to 19th place in the table after the Premier League sent the Merseyside team to an independent commission back in March.

It is now official that their punishment was severe.

There has been a lot of reaction to today’s news, with Simon Jordan already admitting that he was expecting as few as three points to be taken from the Toffees’ tally.

Dominic King has called the deduction an ‘absolute disgrace’ and is in complete disagreement with the ten points that Everton have been docked.

Taking to X, King wrote: “10 points is an absolute disgrace.

Everton has every right to file an appeal, and it has seemed throughout that the goal has been to set the club an example.

“If 10 points is a baseline, what happens if the club facing 115 charges is deemed guilty?”

Although it is a “disgrace,” will Everton be able to prevail in their appeal?

It certainly feels like Everton have been made an example of, so now it will be incredibly interesting to see any kind of punishment Manchester City will receive.

However, if the backlash is not worse than their own, the Premier League will know exactly what kind of backlash is headed their way.

Of course, the Toffees could still avoid the ten-point deduction after confirming their appeal. However, finance expert Stefan Borson has already suggested they may fail to win it and could be set for a relegation battle.

Even so, given Everton’s recent improvement in form, it is not nearly as bad as it could be—just one victory would lift them out of the bottom three once more.

Given that Luton, Sheffield United, and Burnley have only managed one win apiece this season, it would be shocking if Sean Dyche is team was unable to retain their top flight status once again.


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