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Woman files lawsuit alleging her eye was injured after Jorge Soler threw ball into stands at 2021 World Series

The lawsuit was submitted to Cobb County last week.

Athens — A fan filed a lawsuit in Cobb County this Monday, claiming that during the 2021 World Series, Jorge Soler tossed a ball into the stands, causing “significant and excruciating injuries” to her eye.

Mayra Norris, the fan, and her spouse have filed lawsuits against Soler and the Atlanta Braves, arguing that the fan’s injuries have negatively impacted her quality of life and marriage. Their demands include damages and unspecified recompense, “including, but not limited to, past and future medical expenses; and past, present, and future pain and suffering.”

ElevenWhen Alive contacted the Braves, a representative provided the following response:

We are aware of the recent lawsuit that Mr. and Mrs. Norris filed against Jorge Soler and the Atlanta Braves. No one connected to our organization, Jorge Soler, the Braves, or Mrs. Norris suffered an injury as a result of their carelessness. We plan to respond to the allegations, refute them, and ask the court to dismiss the case right away in accordance with the unmistakably established legal precedent that applies not just to Georgia but to the entire nation.

The complaint states that on October 29, 2021, the woman and her spouse were seated in Section 109 of the World Series at Truist Park.

As per the lawsuit, the injuries sustained were “multiple fractures, a right eye edema, and infra-orbital abrasion.” It claims that “long term medical care” and “extensive medical treatment” were necessary for the injuries.

The lawsuit charges Soler with “recklessly, and without caution throwing the ball into the stands with excessive force and speed” and the Braves with negligence for “failing to keep the premises safe for visitors.”

“Ms. Norris’s injuries have required her to seek considerable medical care over the last two years. She continues to receive medical attention from a doctor and will for long time to come, according to Susan B. Shaw of Susan B. Shaw Law LLC, Norris’s attorney.

Apart from the physical harm inflicted upon her, the lawsuit asserts that she and her spouse “have experienced interference in their marital relationship,” with the husband experiencing “a reduction in companionship and affection with his spouse.”

The lawsuit states that in addition to other things, the couple is asking for compensation for Norris’ injuries.

“Ms. Norris is only seeking just recompense for the severe injuries she received that evening and the necessary medical care she has been required to receive by filing this action.

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