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Arkansas QB May Soon Be Headed to UCF to Play for Gus Malzahn

Razorback fans encourage mother to have Singleton transfer for his own well-being after she expresses frustration with Hogs’ staff while praising former SEC coach
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas might find itself with only one returning quarterback next season unless something changes and UCF coach Gus Malzahn comes walking through the door in the next couple of weeks.

As the debacle against Missouri played out, freshman quarterback Malachi Singleton’s mother took an opportunity to respond to a fan asking why Arkansas coach Sam Pittman isn’t giving Malachi Singleton playing time today also given how out of hand things got. Clearly she was frustrated.

“If y’all could see his film it’s crazy good,” she wrote. “My phones [SIC] blowing up asking why he’s not in there knowing he’s the best one. It’s really a SHAME. Ark could’ve won more games but they’re not utilizing talent.”

A lot of fans responded by saying she shouldn’t want her son in the game behind this Arkansas line while others said the coaching staff was trying to keep him from getting hurt. However, some encouraged her to have her son transfer if Pittman keeps his position as head coach of the Razorbacks.

Singleton was a Kendal Briles recruit who had an offer from Malzahn at UCF. It’s something his mother hasn’t forgotten. When Malzahn’s name came up, she wasted no words praising him for his ability to be a great play caller and utilize talent on his roster, a not so subtle reference to the previous comment about Arkansas not utilizing talent properly.

It could just be a mother blowing off steam like so many Razorback fans during another embarrassing home blowout. Perhaps the only two positive to be taken away were a Jacolby Criswell touchdown pass that ended the Hogs’ season long offensive touchdown drought against SEC opponents at home and that when the clock hit 0:00, the season mercifully ended.

So much will develop over the coming week. Whether Singleton is part of those developments remains to be seen.

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